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Your Support in Croatia

We offer you all kinds of the support services especially for our foreign customers in Croatia. Our qualified team is the best solution to your ideas according to your wishes and your needs. In close cooperation and coordination with you we'll make your plans in Croatia reality.

  • The principle of co-operation

    Often the local regulations and laws differ dramatically than those you used to in your own country. Especially in Croatia, things make sometimes not as easy as they seem. That is why we want to help you get the entire procedure by our brief elaboration:

    Within 24 hours we will create a complete plan for you. Due to our vocation and our experience and with the help of a large network of specialists we will provide the implementation of your ideas in a foreseeable and clearly defined period of time, including the anticipated costs.

    Our fees depend on the size of your order plans, payable to Alain Travel d.o.o.

    Our work applies to the territories of continental Croatia, the Croatian coast and all the Croatian islands. We are available to you for all of your needs and looking forward to your inquiries!

Construction & Real Estate

The construction sector of our company has extensive experience in building new constructions and also in adaptation of traditional stone houses on the Croatian coast and islands.

Marine Services

We offer advice and services related to boats including transport, dry storage, all types of repair, maintenance.

Legal Issues

We are offering accounting services and legal services including advice from the general law office for any inquiry.